3 Of The Best Vegan Leather Bag Brands

Veganism is the new vegetarianism with more and more availability when it comes to eating out, eating in and now in other areas of life and style. With cruelty-free beauty now thankfully the norm, next up is fashion, and where better to start than with a girl’s best friend – her humble handbag. Not only can vegan leather bags be good for your conscience, but your wallet too!

With many vegan leather specialists coming onto the market, the quality and prices are better than ever before. Vegan leather can be hard to track down on the high street though, and it much easier to find online with more options from across the globe available at the click of a button. We’ve put together a list of our top 3 vegan leather bag designers available in Australia and NZ, simply proving ethical bags can be luxurious with absolutely no animals harmed in the making!

1. Gunas New York Vegan Bags

Gunas is an independent fashion label committed to being 100 percent vegan. Their motto? No animals harmed in the name of fashion. What we love about this brand is their range of styles from satchels to clutches, backpacks and cross-body bags, in a range of colours and materials, but all super sophisticated and chic, high fashion designs. Our pick would be this shoulder cutie.

Gunas New York Handbag

2. Urban Originals Vegan Bags

Urban Originals is a Sydney based brand with their motto being “choose kindness” in everything you do; from sourcing materials, to ensuring their factories are ethically run. They are endorsed by PETA for their vegan credentials and we can’t get enough of their range! From cute bohemian designs for casual day wear to more chic office and evening styles, you are sure to find something you’ll love. Our pick would be this beautiful backpack.

Urban Originals Backpack

3. Canopy Verde Vegan Bags

Designed from Brooklyn, the bags are minimalist, practical and durable. They are great introduction to vegan leather and offer great quality. They brand are super eco-conscious, transparent and ethical in everything they do, with waste free operations. Chemical-free dyes, organic cotton and eco-vegan leather make them the eco-conscious shoppers’ go-to. Our pick would be this sophisticated weekender.

Canopy Verde Weekender Bag

So these are just a few of the ever increasing faux leather bags that you really wouldn’t no were false because the quality is so good! Are you a conscious fashion shopper? We’d love to hear your brand suggestions.

Five Minutes With: ecoture australia

We know you love online shopping, and you know we love sharing our favourite ethical stores with you. This week we’d like to introduce you to ecoture australia, an online beauty and fashion destination created by mother and daughter duo Rebecca Dow and Caitlin Clark. After struggling to find fashion and beauty products that were not only gorgeous but also ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free, the pair took matters into their own hands and launched ecoture australia – a premium online shopping destination for people who want real style – but not at the expense of the planet and its human and animal occupants. Here ecoture australia co-founder and brand manager Caitlin Clark shares the store’s journey with THE ECO EDIT.

THE ECO EDIT: What prompted you and your mum to create an eco-focused shop?

Caitlin: I became vegan in 2015, which led to extensive research into where everything I bought came from – and it was a truly eye-opening experience. Then after I had a leather-free handbag destroyed by an exploding smoothie, it became clear that there simply weren’t enough places to buy a range of products that I was confident were both ethically produced and cruelty-free. So that’s when we decided to create a site that had covetable fashion and beauty products that we were also personally comfortable about stocking.

Caitlin, right, with mum Rebecca

Why are natural and ethical cosmetics important to you?

For me, it’s driven by the fact I’ve always had troublesome skin and so I’m very careful about the ingredients I use on it. The products are often just nicer, they feel and smell better, and introduce a bit of luxury into every day. When it comes to ethics, I can’t justify needlessly exploiting the Earth or its animal inhabitants for what is essentially my vanity.

I can’t justify needlessly exploiting the Earth or its animal inhabitants for what is essentially my vanity…

What role do you see ethical and sustainable products playing in the future of society and retail?

They’re already rapidly increasing in popularity, which is fantastic. But I’d like to think that ethical and sustainable products are more than just a trend. With so much information at our fingertips, more brands are being transparent in their operations, so I think ethical and sustainable products are the promising future of retail. I look forward to the day that they’re the norm.

Can you please describe who the ecoture australia customer is, and what they’re looking for in their products?

We like to say the ecoture customer can be anyone. Many come to our site specifically looking for ethical or organic products, however we’re increasingly seeing customers that are simply looking for quality – clothes that are made well and beauty products that work. There have also been more men buying from our site lately, which is encouraging too.

What are your fave beauty products you stock?

1) Jasmine Lotion from Earth tu Face – it smells absolutely divine. I always get so many compliments when I’m wearing it and it’s beautifully light on the skin.

2) La Crème Gommante (Natural Organic Gentle Cream Exfoliant) from Absolution – it’s a lovely, fine scrub that removes impurities but is gentle enough for even my sensitive skin. I use it twice a week, it’s an essential for me.

3) Natural Nail Colour Remover Wipes from LVX – these wipes are amazing! They have a natural, plant-based formula that removes nail colour so easily but they actually leave your nails looking healthier after use.

What’s next for ecoture australia?

We have an exciting expansion coming up but can’t give away too many details at this stage.