About Us

Here are THE ECO EDIT we’re passionate about clean beauty. We consider beauty and nature to be inextricably intertwined. We believe that natural, organic, sustainable and cruelty free skincare and cosmetics are a better option for you and for the planet. We’ve witnessed first-hand how the natural beauty industry has evolved to offer products that are not only the healthy and ethical choice, but also incredibly luxurious and stylish.



THE ECO EDIT was created by copywriter, digital creative and former beauty editor Lauren Dunne. Lauren spent years writing for glossy magazines and websites and tried just about every beauty product under the sun before discovering the greener side of beauty-land.

After learning about the hidden nasties and potentially toxic ingredients found lurking in the vast majority of mainstream cosmetics, Lauren made the decision to change her lifestyle and her way of thinking, and created THE ECO EDIT as a digital guide for people who are looking to do the same.

This site is designed to educate and empower you – not to preach at you. It’s our goal to help you make informed decisions when shopping for skincare and cosmetics, without being evangelical or exclusionary.

Join us as we reveal our edit of the best eco beauty brands and products available on the market today and share fantastic beauty tips and the latest natural beauty news with you.

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